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Fate & Fortune Tactics

Inspired by classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Experience classic tactics with updated game play made for your smart device.

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Fate & Fortune Tactics

Inspired by classic tactics games like Final Fantasy Tactics and more recent tactics games like XCOM2. FnFT is a reimaging of the classic fantasy tactics game for smartphones and tablets. (Also known as Chrono Clash in certain territories)

Star Battleships

Gratuitous space ship battles; now available on your smartphone / tablet. (Also known as Battle Galaxy in certain territories)

Konbini Story

Match-3 items to deal with customers of all shapes, sizes and species. Over 200 levels in this story of a Konbini (Japanese convenience store).

Sushi Snatch

Cras ultricies ligula sed magna dictum porta.

Battle Stations: Blitz

In Development

Star Colony

In Development

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